Bobbie the Wonder Dog

Bobbie The Wonder Dog’s Christmas Tail (?)

“Well done, Bobbie.” Frank Brazier. There are some things that simply defy rational explanation and Bobbie’s story is one of them.  Bobbie—better known as Bobbie the Wonder Dog—was a collie … Continue Reading →

Norm Peterson at Cheers

Milk-Bone Undies?

“It’s a dog eat dog world and I’m wearing Milk-Bone underwear.” Norm Peterson. When Norm Peterson walked into the bar everyone, in unison, shouted, “Norm!” And why not? Cheers was … Continue Reading →

Bunion Derby 1928

Andy Payne and the Great Bunion Derby

“One can’t be an athlete all his life, but he can use the same desire that made him.” Andy Payne. Everybody has a least one obscenely fit co-worker. You know … Continue Reading →

Conversations in Management: Butterfly

“There is something fundamental about finding your way.”  Lincoln Bower. Lincoln Bower has spent the last fifty years studying the monarch butterfly. This might strike some as a life not … Continue Reading →

Conversations in Management: The National Anthem

The bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.                 Francis Scott Key Dolly Madison was making final preparations for that evening’s dinner … Continue Reading →