Brownie Wise

Brownie Wise Burps a Bowl

“I wanted to be a successful human being.”   Brownie Wise. It was 1947 and 34-year-old Brownie Wise found herself a divorced, single mom trying to scrape out a living. She … Continue Reading →

Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland Tells the Truth

“Whatever you tell them, tell the truth.”   Grover Cleveland. If you’re a reform candidate running for president, the last thing you need is a sex scandal; but that’s what faced … Continue Reading →

Ben Franklin

Poor Richard Keeps His Coat

“We may give advice, but we cannot give conduct.”   Benjamin Franklin. Almost everyone’s heard of Franklin’s colonial bestseller, Poor Richard’s Almanack. Beginning in 1732, he produced the work under the … Continue Reading →

Plastic water bottle pollution

Bottled Water Conquers the Earth!

“Young people are just as attracted to the truth as they are convenience and expediency.”   Pope Francis. Behold bottled water! It’s hard to believe that not too many years ago, … Continue Reading →

Mitchell on the Moon

Mitchell and the UFO: Klaatu Barada Nikto

“The UFO phenomenon is real.”   Edgar Mitchell. Ed Mitchell might not be an immediately familiar name. He was an astronaut with a Ph.D. from MIT and was the sixth man … Continue Reading →

Winning Trophy

Another Day, Another Meaningless Win

“This is going to be close.”     Marcel Kittel. It’s July and the Tour de France is in full swing. The race is an incredible demonstration of athleticism. In 21 … Continue Reading →

4th-Century Roman Bikini

Would You Wear a 3,600-Year-Old Bathing Suit?

“It’s that kind of thinking that holds people back for thousands of years.”     Diana Vreeland. Diana Vreeland had been a Harper’s Bazaar columnist for a decade when she made … Continue Reading →

John Wayne

When John Wayne Spoke You’d Better Listen!

“I won’t be mean, I won’t be small, and like an old friend, I won’t let them down.”   John Wayne. John Wayne was talking about his fans. He was explaining … Continue Reading →

Crew of the Canary

The Canary or the Champagne?

“We will not hand over Schreiber to the police. He participated in our perils and is now part of our team.”   Armand Lotti. Everybody’s heard about the Spirit of St. Louis … Continue Reading →

Hecate Verona dog house

How Much Would You Spend on a Dog House?

“This leads to the dog enjoying the outdoors even more and staying more active and that is highly recommended by veterinarians.”   Alice Williams. We have two dogs—both rescues. Scout was … Continue Reading →