Theodore Hook

4,000 Visitors, 2,500 Tarts and an Archbishop Too!

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” Theodore Hook. It was a little after nine in the morning when Mrs. Tottenham, of 54 Berners Street, heard … Continue Reading →

Sirius XM Radio

Sirius XM

“The truly good leaders are also optimists.”  James B. Lee, Jr. James Lee, late Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase was describing his friend, Mel Karmazin, when he made this observation. … Continue Reading →

Conversations in Management: Ray Kurzweil

We have to give very high priority to managing the downside.  Ray Kurzweil By 2045 nanobots the size of blood cells will be zipping through our biologically reprogrammed brains and … Continue Reading →