Genesis 9: Rainbows

Genesis 9:13.

“I have set my bow in the clouds, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”

Rainbows. We’ve all seen them. Sometimes it’s a magnificent full rainbow spanning a dozen or more miles. Sometimes we see double bows stretching in tandem toward the horizon. Sometimes it’s just a fragment—a glimpse of splendor. But rainbows are always beautiful and they momentarily arrest our attention. They come and go quickly so we’re always pleased and never tired of seeing them. Beyond beauty, they’re a comfort too. A reminder that there is always the potential for something good—something to be grateful for—in the midst of every day. And rainbows don’t just follow storms, we find them after a gentle, peaceful rain as well. In a way they’re like a friendly hand on your shoulder. It may rest there in congratulations or consolation, but it always feels good. In that moment, you know you’re not alone. God’s rainbow softly says, “you are never alone.”  The rainbow is a sign that God has bound us with love to one another, the earth and every living thing. We need only look up to be reminded.              —The Houston Pilgrim

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