Genesis 37: Keep Digging

Genesis 37:19.

“Here comes this dreamer.”

To say Joseph was disliked by his brothers is to badly understate the depth of their antagonism. They really disliked the boy. It didn’t help that he was unmistakably his father’s favorite. If the brothers had any doubt, they needed to look no farther than the coat with the long sleeves (hand stitched by dad) that Joseph wore everywhere he went. It also didn’t help that Joseph was a dreamer. Now if you were an unpopular kid who kept dreaming that your older brothers would one day become subservient to you, prudence might dictate that you keep such information to yourself. But Joseph had the annoying habit of gathering everyone together to share his “dreams.” For his trouble he earned the privilege of an overnight stay in a pit and an expedited sale into slavery. Of course Joseph’s story doesn’t end here. He’ll keep on dreaming and do quite well for himself—as the brothers will later find out.

There’s a simple message here for all of us. If you dream big, don’t be surprised if someone tosses you into a pit. Big dreams have a way of frightening people—particularly when they challenge the status quo. So don’t rub people’s noses in it. Make others participants in your dreams—not subjects of them. Most of all, show some humility. It’s one of those character traits often in short supply. It’s a sure way to make your dreams come true while avoiding the pit.      —The Houston Pilgrim

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