Genesis 25: A Good Life

Genesis 25:8.

“Abraham breathed his last and died in a good old age, an old man and full of years, and was gathered to his people.”

Abraham is a titan in the Judeo-Christian tradition. He’s Father Abraham—our common ancestor. He wasn’t like Moses or Jesus who did mighty deeds and performed miracles. He was like you and me. A regular bit of humanity. What sets hi,m apart is that God called and he unfailingly answered. And he answered by presenting himself fully before God. He answered with faith and in the belief that God was, well, God.  God tested that faith and never found Abraham wanting.

When God calls you, do you answer? Do you make yourself immediately and fully present? It isn’t easy. We’re busy people living in a complex society—not tenting comfortably under the oaks of Mamre. But that attitude suggests that our time commands a premium over God’s. And if we act that way, it means we’re living lives that don’t quite make sense. It’s like diving in the ocean and pretending you’re not wet. It can’t be done without a lot of self-delusion. God calls and we must answer. He calls us to acts of kindness, justice and humility. His call requires that we stop, think and behave as citizens in the Kingdom of God.

When God calls, answer, “Here I am.”                 —The Houston Pilgrim

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