Genesis 18: Negotiating With God

Genesis 18:25.

“Shall not the Judge of all the earth do what is just?”

When Abraham learns that God is about to destroy Sodom because of the gravity of their sin, he begins fevered negotiations. He finally gets God to agree that if only ten righteous men are found, the city will be spared. Ten out of the population of a large city aren’t very many. But if ten are found, thousands of sinners will be saved. This tells us something about the nature of justice.  A righteous judge can never punish the good as a means of getting to the bad. Yet we do this all the time. We tend to paint human relations with a broad brush. If someone irritates us it’s because they’re bad. If we don’t agree with someone’s opinion, it’s because they’re stupid. Our challenge is to seek out the good in everyone and everything. We’re called to build on goodness wherever we find it no matter how small the quantity. This is a key to the Kingdom of God.   —The Houston Pilgrim

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