Genesis 16: Looking at God

Genesis 16:13.

“Have I really seen God and remained alive after seeing him?”

By mutual consent with Sarah, Hagar, the slave girl, is carrying Abraham,s child. But Sarah is abusive and Abraham won’t protect her, so she runs away. Stopping at a well, she’s confronted by an angel.  Hagar realizes that it is God speaking to her. She names the angel El-roi—God sees me. And she sees God.

Do you see God? Look around the room. Everything seems clear enough. Think about where you work, visit or go to school. Think about the place farthest from home you’ve every been. You see these places but not quite as clearly. Now look at the sky. Imagine what you’d see beyond the moon, sun and Milky Way. Think what it’s like billions of light years from where you’re sitting. As you do, you can feel yourself shrinking. You begin to sense how infinitesimally small you are in the vastness of the universe. Small, but not insignificant. Because in this brief exercise, you’ve demonstrated an ability to astronomically expand your awareness beyond where you are comfortably sitting. It’s in the tension between the infinitesimal and the astronomical that we encounter God. As we move through space and time we aren’t approaching God, but participating in life with him. As the Old Testament might put it, we’re walking with God. If asked if you see God, look around and answer, “yes, clearly.”    —The Houston Pilgrim

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