Genesis 13: Abraham Goes For a Walk

Genesis 13:17.

“Rise up, walk the length and the breadth of the land, for I will give it to you.” 

In the beginning, God designated humankind as stewards of the earth. Now, God tells Abraham–a representative of us all–that we’re taking ownership. What’s the difference? No one rents an apartment and remodels the bath and kitchen. The rental agreement is that you’ll be stewards of the property. Ownership means you can take the property and personalize it. You can put your own stamp on it and make it a reflection of who you are.  You can achieve a dream or realize a vision. It’s in your hands.

When Father Abraham took his walk, he liked what he saw. He settled by a stand of oaks and, importantly, built an altar to the Lord.  Abraham recognized that he’d been given the land as a child of God and that ownership didn’t diminish the relationship. Making the land his own would mean the fulfillment of that relationship. As heirs of Abraham, it’s our responsibility to exercise ownership of the land in a way pleasing to the Lord. As a people, we haven’t always done a great job of it. But the past is gone. What matters is how we’ll exercise ownership today.   —The Houston Pilgrim

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