Exodus 4: Who Me?

Exodus 4:13. 

“O my Lord, please send someone else.”

 God was speaking pretty plainly to Moses, so for him to demur was gutsy to the say the least. God doesn’t speak to the rest of us as plainly. We have to figure out on our own what’s right and what’s not. We make our choices in the knowledge of what’s expected in the Kingdom of God but that doesn’t always make it easy. It’s usually easier to gossip, or rush to judgement, or to hold a grudge. It’s easier to put ourselves before others, to look the other way at minor wrong doing or to hold back when we know doing the right thing will make us unpopular. But we’re still doing what Moses did—we’re saying no to God. When God calls—however quietly—say, “Here I am,” and then do the right thing.             —The Houston Pilgrim 

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