Rickenbacker Time cover

Eddie Rickenbacker

“Determined men who won’t give up can do anything.” Eddie Rickenbacker. Eddie Rickenbacker was certainly determined and he never gave up. He’s best known as America’s first “Ace of Aces.” In … Continue Reading →

100-year flood

A Hundred-Year Flood

“There’s no such thing as a hundred-year flood.” Andrew Cuomo. The New York Governor has it right—there’s no such thing as a hundred-year flood. At least not as most of … Continue Reading →

Bernard Cigrand


“The flag … is the embodiment, not of a sentiment, but of a history.”  Woodrow Wilson. That history includes the story of Bernard Cigrand. Cigrand was the sixth son of … Continue Reading →

Milarepa Tibetan saint


“Live and die without regret.”  Milarepa. Milarepa is one of the best known Tibetan saints. He was born to an affluent family in 1052 and spent his early years living … Continue Reading →