Son of God

What Did Jesus Look Like?

“Suddenly there appeared to my mind’s eye a picture of the Christ.” Warner Sallman. Easter is the most sacred of Christian holy days and thanks to the Easter bunny, it … Continue Reading →

Douglas MacArthur


“I shall return.” Douglas MacArthur. Outnumbered, outgunned and under direct orders from FDR, MacArthur spoke these defiant words as he left the Philippines on March 20, 1942. A month later … Continue Reading →



“Genetics plays a big role in allergies. (Make sure to thank your parents)” Shari Gruener. Thanks, Mom and Dad. But in fairness, they didn’t go out and pick up these … Continue Reading →

USS Reuben James

USS Reuben James

“Have you heard of a ship called the good Reuben James…?” Woody Guthrie. Everyone’s heard of the USS Constitution—Old Ironsides. You can still see it in Boston Harbor. Likewise, those … Continue Reading →