Pat Paulsen

Pat Paulsen

     ” I’ve conducted my campaign thus far in the true American political tradition: I lied about my intention to run—I have been consistently vague on all the issues—Therefore I … Continue Reading →



“Circumstances change.”  Richard Nixon. Everyone’s worn them. Almost everyone has, at least, one pair lurking around the house and the fashion conscious probably have a closet full. What are they? … Continue Reading →

Mayo Beach

Bruce Lee

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”  Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee wasn’t in a line of work where you could spend a … Continue Reading →


Paul G. Hoffman

     “The essence of genuine leadership is to share power with people rather than display power over people.”  Paul G. Hoffman. Who is Paul Hoffman? A 1943 article in … Continue Reading →



“I have many thoughts, but no statements.” Ileana Sonnabend. This was Sonnabend’s response when asked to comment on her ex-husband’s marriage to a woman fifty years his junior. Her reluctance … Continue Reading →